Baro is teaming up with Blowfish to bring King West a unique culinary experience between two of the city’s most creative chefs! On Wednesday, June 21st, Baro’s Executive Chef, Steve Gonzalez will be at Blowfish for dinner service; on Thursday, June 22nd, Blowfish Executive Chef, Daniel Ken, will be in Baro’s kitchen.

You’re probably asking yourself…what’s on the menu??

From Chef Steve Gonzalez

Tuna & Beef Hand Rolls $7
with coconut rice + soy + hibiscus mayo + chili + radish + green apple + puffed amaranth + shiso
Tempura Soft Shell Crab & Brazino $30
with sweet chili mayo + papi kung fu


From Chef Daniel Ken:

Aburi Salmon 14
salmon + masago + green onion + sesame + tabasco + aburi sauce

Yuzu Shiro Soy Hamachi 19
with jalapeño + cilantro + chili sesame oil

Spicy Rock Shrimp 12
tempura style, tossed in hot garlic kewpie sauce

To make a reservation for this one-of-a-kind event, email:

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