Baro’s Main Dining Room will be re-opening its doors for dinner service and brunch on Sept. 21.

Reservations are now open and available for your booking.

We’ll see you soon!

With Latin American-inspired décor, our dining room aims to bring the Latino pulse to the heart of Toronto! Our authentic tables and cozy booths create the perfect atmosphere for casual dinners to elaborate celebrations. Our dining room at Baro is designed to make our guests feel like part of the familia!

If you can take the heat, we have hot seats right on our open kitchen which allow you to observe the performance of El Jefe and his team in action! Feast your eyes upon the brilliance of Steve Gonzalez and one of Toronto’s most energetic kitchens.

Our team is honored to serve each guest from the moment they walk in. Our team is committed to enhance the visual experience of our dining room with incredible service that leaves a lasting impression on every guest!

We can’t wait to serve you!