Far too often people fall under the impression that good customer service is a standard that is to be met. For Colin Denton, an esteemed General Manager who successfully opened the busiest restaurant in Toronto, customer service is a standard that needs to be exceeded with every guest who walks through his doors. Colin is an ambitious entrepreneur who is obsessed with customer experience. Throughout a decade of management, Colin has stuck to the philosophy that if you focus on the happiness of staff & customers, profits will follow.

Being from Vancouver, Colin has been exposed to many restaurants that evolved into chains and become staples across Canada for casual fine dining. As a member of the Cactus Club in Vancouver, he saw an opportunity arise in Toronto that he couldn’t pass down. He opened their location in the Financial District at First Canadian Place which gained praise as one of the top restaurants in the city.

Colin states that a unique feature within Toronto that is not seen elsewhere is the encouragement from the people and other business owners to see locals setting up quality establishments. During his transition into a Torontonian, he noticed that the city has an anti-chain mentality. This culture that focuses on local success has created better opportunities for entrepreneurs and chefs to excel and freely grow with ideas and innovations. This lack of corporate oppression is what allows Toronto to flourish as a leading culinary hotspot in North America. Entrepreneurs like Colin have come to the city for the opportunity, and stayed here for the creative freedom that is bred within the culture.

For Colin and his team at Baro, no goal is out of reach. Some of his long-term goals are to become the best managed restaurant in Toronto & the best workplace in Ontario. Ambitious? Yes. However, some of his most dearly-held values are what have made him so successful.