The Best Hot Toddy Recipe To Make When You’re Sick

March 20, 2017

The Best Hot Toddy Recipe To Make When You’re Sick

With Toronto in the midst of a wild weather imbalance this winter (patio temperatures and parkas in the same day), people are finding it difficult to keep the sniffles away and struggling to avoid that awful winter cold.

But it’s not easy living in a bustling metropolis, one of North America’s largest cities; you have a social agenda to keep!! You haven’t seen your friends in months and you’ve got family coming from all around to see you in the big city…every weekend! So, when your friends are sipping wine (or tequila), what should you resort to if you want to join the party but still remediate your cold?

We asked Baro’s Bar Manager, Wes Galloway, for the best Hot Toddy recipe to make when you’re sick! His recommendation? The Only Cure. That’s the name, The Only Cure.

Watch below to see how to make this warm, delicious drink that your friends won’t make fun of!


1.5 oz Irish Whiskey
0.5 oz Honey
3 Cardamon Pods
½ Star Anise
5 oz Hot Chamomile Tea
1 Cinnamon Stick
2 Wedges of Lemon


Squeeze the two lemon wedges into a mug or heatproof vessel. Add honey, spices and whiskey before topping up with the hot tea. Stir well and serve. Can refill the same glass with more tea after to continue drawing flavour from the spices. Enjoy!

You may have heard about some of the ingredients in this drink being beneficial to your immune system when you’re ill.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the ingredients and why it’s part of “The Only Cure”:


Cardamon Pods are a common ingredient in South Asian cooking and can be commonly found in Indian, Persian and Middle Eastern cuisine. These pods have multiple health benefits and help assist the body with digestion, constipation and can help fight acidity. Cardamon seeds are a great antioxidant and help the kidneys eliminate waste.


Star Anise has properties that help fight fungal infections as well as combat bacteria that are resistant to common antibiotics.  The high concentration of Shikimic acid in the Star Anise has been tested and proven to ward of the influenza virus.


The use of cinnamon in recipes is not only restricted to sweets. A common chef tip to reduce acidity (in things such as ketchup) is to add cinnamon. This spice contains antioxidants that are great for your digestive system as well as anti-inflammatory agents that can reduce nausea and put upset stomachs at ease.


As every mother will tell you when you’re ill, avoid milk & drink citrus. Citrus fruits are very high in Vitamin C which is crucial when fighting a cold. Lemons have a negative ion charge, which is important when you’re sick as the interaction between positive and negative ions helps build cells & strengthen your immune system.


Whiskey is good for the soul.

If you’d like a recommendation for any other cocktail, include more for when you’re sick, you can come into Baro and ask any member of our enthusiastic bar team for a suggestion!