The Culinary World of King West Restaurants

February 10, 2017

The Culinary World of King West Restaurants

The Culinary World of King West Restaurants

By: Jordan Lopez

Living in a country as diverse and inclusive as Canada, we’re constantly immersed by the influence of other cultures. Whether you’re standing on Pender Street in Vancouver’s Chinatown or you’re on College Street in Toronto’s Little Italy, it’s difficult to refrain yourself from being (physically) drawn to the unique aromas coming out of the restaurants in these neighbourhoods.

With so many dining options available in Canadian cities, diversity really is a strength, especially if you’re an avid foodie!

We decided to look in our own backyard and observe the world cuisines of our neighbouring restaurants on King Street West. The 2 blocks between Spadina and Bathurst may seem like a short strip, but it’s creatively filled with great restaurants from all corners of the globe. Here are some of the best King West restaurants from around the world, right here in Toronto!

If you’re looking for something casual & familiar for a lunch date or a late night grab, Wilbur’s Mexican-inspired menu has a vast selection of tacos and burritos to accommodate their Drake & Weekend-filled playlist. If tacos aren’t your thing than you can hop across the street to German-inspired beer hall, WVRST; this communal-seating restaurant offers classic European sausages like Bratwurst and Oktoberfest. If you’re feeling adventurous you should try their Kangaroo sausage!

Fans of British Ales & Irish Stouts can find plenty of accommodating pub fare at The Firkin and Belfast Love! Whether you’re looking for classic Fish’n Chips to accommodate your Boddington’s or you’re craving an Indo-British curry, you can easily access the Queen’s favourite bar eats on King West.

If you’re more of a wine & olives type of foodie, you’ll find happiness at Buca or Gusto 101. These Italian restaurants bring Mezzogiorno (Southern Italy) to downtown Toronto and all the wines & balsamic reductions that come with it!

If you’re looking for that “elevated” experience with familiar fine dining, check out French restaurant Lavelle and all the #Views it has to offer. With it’s rooftop location on the peak of a condo complex on King & Bathurst, Lavelle’s French cuisine is complemented by one of North America’s nicest skylines.


If you’re looking for something a little more unconventional, King Street’s Blowfish on the corner of Bathurst has brilliant takes on Sushi, Sashimi and Teppanyaki. This Japanese kitchen hosts intriguing plates like Truffle Albacore to familiar dishes like dumplings and Unagi (freshwater Eel, not a state of complete awareness as Ross Geller might have you believe).

And of course, there’s Baro; the new kid on the scene. With fresh ceviches, raw oysters and Toronto favourites like the Duck Chaufa, we’re happy to be a contributing member to the high expectations one expects when visiting a bustling district in a world-class city. We’ve been getting plenty of love from the media and we’ve been proud to introduce modern Latin food to new guests every night!

If you haven’t come by yet, be sure to make a reservation and head down to King West soon!