On this week’s episode of Baro in New York City, Chef Steve Gonzalez and Jordan Lopez visit 3 Ceviche restaurants in Manhattan and show you which one is the best!

At each location we ordered something different: Tuna Nikkei, Mixto, Scallop Tiradito, Shrimp Coctel. We toured around Manhattan and payed a visit to these 3 locations:

  • Los Mariscos (Chelsea Market)
  • Mission Ceviche (Ganesvort Market)
  • Desnuda (East Village)

Watch below to see which one we liked best!

If you can’t make it to New York City anytime soon than make your way over to Baro at 485 King Street West instead! We have 5 amazing Ceviches on our menu for you to try! Click here to make a reservation.